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Transnational Cooperations

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The GSRT transnational cooperation projects form an integral part of its overall role in shaping and strengthening research policies. They cover a wide range of bilateral , trilateral and multilateral activities.

They constitute an essential tool for strengthening the outward orientation of both Greek scientists and researchers, research centers and universities, and the GSRT itself.

Through its participation, Greece seeks to ensure a strong geopolitical presence both in its immediate neighborhood (Adriatic Sea, Balkans, Black Sea, South-East Mediterranean) and with regard to its strategic partners (principally the EU), as well as to establish links with countries possessing a strong R&T system (e.g. Israel) or countries holding considerable global sway (e.g. China).

The GSRT constitutes a channel for international R&T exchanges and a source of funding for state-of-the-art interdisciplinary R&T programmes; it contributes to the establishment of solid international relations in R&T and acts as an ambassador of Greece in international R&T fora, as well as in international R&T events.

Transnational agreements in Research & Technology are a form of soft diplomacy or science diplomacy, as they focus exclusively on scientific fields, which, as a general rule, bring together collaborators (scientists or/and researchers) from the two, or more, participating countries, are not involved with of international controversies and may also lay a foundation for co-operation in other areas of common interest with each country.

Transnational cooperation projects are different from scientific and research cooperation at the EU level and/or between international organizations in that they are concluded between individual States and not between international bodies or international organizations.

Projects are implemented in close cooperation and in synergy with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, mainly during the conclusion and legal finalization phases, as well as for their parliamentary approval. The GSRT reports regularly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding its transnational activities and participates, as required by its role, in joint transnational committees, or other meetings, organized by the Ministry.

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